Faculty Resources

Each semester Marshall University enrolls and serves many students with a range of disabilities.  Marshall University and its faculty are renown for their willingness to work with students needing academic accommodations.  We applaud your willingness to assist students as they make the transition of having things done for them to meeting with faculty, asking for accommodations, and making adjustments, if necessary. On this webpage we will offer suggestions that may help you and your students make this transition as smoothly as possible.

Please remember that if you have questions, concerns, or questions concerning accommodations please feel free to call us at #2271 for assistance at any time.

  1. Ask any student who might special assistance to approach you sometime during the first week of school.  You may want to include a statement on your syllabus.
  2. The student should have documentation to support the special assistance they are requesting.  We suggest you send them to the DSS, HELP, or Student Athlete Program Offices and have them send you a letter listing the accommodation they are requesting.
  3. If it appears that a student with a disability needs some assistance, do not hesitate to approach him/her.  If the students does not need assistance, he/she will tell you.  Offering assistance is not an insult – nor is being refused.
  4. If your coursework requires field trips, labs, internships, field placements, lengthy reading assignments, extensive library research, and you have questions about how to handle these issues with students with disabilities please call the DSS Office for assistance.
  5. Be certain that a student with a disability is held responsible for EQUIVALENT learning in comparison to your other students.
  6. Be creative in thinking of alternative methods to teaching and evaluation.  There are people willing to help in Disabled Student Services.
  7. Absences due to a student’s disability can not be counted against them.  Please give him/her the opportunity to make up missed assignments or tests.  If absences become excessive you may want to have a conference with the student to discuss their continuation in the course.